Madrid – now and then, according to myself.


So what’s changed about Madrid in the past 5 years (me now being 30something a bit, in a grown-up relationship with Mini Me in tow)…..

Being a regular at the playground instead of at ‘el bar de abajo’ (local pub).

Getting up at 7am, even on weekends instead of rolling in around that time.

Being stopped regularly on the street so people can coo over Mini Me as she elegantly bats her eyelids. BMM (Before Mini Me) I was just looked upon strangely.

Not one sleazy shout ‘rubiaaaa’, not even a peep. Even when I’m not attached to buggy (Does my ego miss this???)

Being constantly on the lookout for a decent coffeeshop (London kills Madrid here) instead of a festival. I mean ‘TomaCafe’ rocks but is that all there is??? Anxiously await news of others.

Eagerly seeking other cool Mamas like myself (ha!) instead of past oblivion to Mamas, buggies, steps etc…

Decisions on what restaurant based purely on size (can it fit humongous buggy???), not menu.

Spotting (always) whether or not baby girls have ears pierced. Who would have known that it is fundamental to gender identity! Oh Mini Me please don’t hate me for not signing up to this one.

Avoiding almost all sunshine so Mini Me remains sun burn free. Yes I am a true martyr, I know, I know. I’m sure it’s best for my own pasty skin in the long run but I truly do miss it.

Concerned that Mini Me might be frightened by thunderous roar of 1am bin collection right outside our house. No fear though, she can sleep through anything. BMM this was never, ever a concern.

Since returning to this glorious city I have not enjoyed one boozy Sunday in ‘La Latina’. In olden days I was absent only if  hangover did not permit.

Partaking in pretty much every weekend activity with ‘My Spaniard’ and Mini Me. Not so ‘sola’ anymore and able to do things on a whim (not that I’d change it but maybe just once in a while, for a couple of hours..)

That’s all for now.  As Arnold once said “I’ll be back”


6 thoughts on “Madrid – now and then, according to myself.

    1. Having a ‘Mini me ‘sure changes everything ! No one would believe it fully, until it happens.
      Good to know there is a BMM still audible though. Balancing the two is the tricky bit.
      Practice makes perfect they say.
      Lots of others out there will identify.
      Keep posting.


  1. Crazy daze… It’s so good to capture these moments as you forget them so quickly…gave me such a giggle… Looking forward to post número 2 🙂


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