Christmas Advert Winner 2015

Tis the season to spend big bucks be jolly…

l had to weigh in on this, I just couldn’t help myself. As I jot down these words there are some heated arguments taking place (online of course) to establish the Christmas Advert winner between two tear jerker, grandiose adverts.

In the Spanish corner we have Justino, the lonely nighttime security guard whose life is stuck in a routine that involves minimal human contact. The advert is over 3mins long and ends with a Christmas lottery win for the factory staff and a surprise for Justino. Cleverly, there is no need to speak Spanish to get this ad as the hauntingly beautiful music composed by Ludovico Einaudi tells the story. The message is simple ‘el mejor premio es compartirlo’ (the best prize of all is in sharing). After all this is an advert by the Spanish Christmas Lottery to encourage participation in what is considered to be the world’s biggest lottery (total prize money is over 2.24 billion euro, if all tickets are sold). Thus far it seems to be a getting a positive reception across most social media although not without  the usual few grumblings.

Justino (could this be animation’s first ever selfie?)

In the UK corner John Lewis’ Christmas advert ‘ManOnTheMoon’ tells the story of a young girl attempting to bring cheer to a lonely old man on the moon. It features magic, loneliness, connection and of course how the right present can make everything a little better. It cost about £1m to produce so John Lewis is sure as hell hoping that you shop at their stores  this Christmas. They teamed with Age UK to raise awareness around loneliness and proceeds from several products will be donated to the charity. The music features a cover version of an Oasis song and fits the story. Alas I don’t think this ad is whipping up as much of a frenzy as last year’s hugely successful Monty the Penguin.


Having giving it a lot of thought, the winner just had to be….

‘ManOnTheMoon’, simply because it’s original. As well as being emotional and with a powerful message.I love the fact that it raises awareness around this charity. I find the idea of being alone when I’m old without any loved ones incredibly sad and frightening. As a society I don’t think we ever give it a lot of thought so bravo to John Lewis for calling attention to this.

Justino likeable and all as he is, I just think that he’s a poor cousin to last year’s emotional, poignant and truly engaging masterpiece ‘Antonio‘. Shame on Leo Burnett (creative agency both this year and last) who I feel have been a little lazy this time with Justino. And doesn’t he bear a resemblance to Carl from Pixar’s blockbuster ‘Up’?

Carl / Justino

I will now rest happily having got this off my chest.


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